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Septic System Dye Testing and Inspections

If you are a home buyer you will want a septic system dye test and septic inspection performed.


If you are selling your home, you will most likely be required to have a septic dye test and inspection performed.  It is commonly required by most banks and mortgage companies.


Here are some things you'll need to know...


How a Septic Dye Test is Performed


A technician will...

1.Walk the property and check for any sign of septic seepage on surface

2.Uncover the septic tank and remove cover to check water level and content

3.Flush fluorescent dye into system via household drains

4.Run water for ample time for dye to mix with water in the septic tank 

5.Continue running water to flush dye out into the distribution box and leach lines

6.Walk the property and check for any sign of seepage on surface



The technician will also ask the homeowner a series of questions that will be included in his field report.  The homeowner will then sign a disclosure statement.

When we perform a dye test we can only see the contents of the septic tank and whether or not the system is leaking onto the ground.  


We can usually schedule a septic dye test within a day or two.

We will issue the results when the test is completed.


Call today...1-800-223-2256

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