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Excavating and Septic and Drainage Repairs and Installations

Septic Tanks Installed

Sewer Line Repairs and Installations

We install new septic tanks for new systems and replace and repair existing septic tanks. The average life span of a septic tank is 25 to 30 years depending on a few variables. Most new tanks are either plastic or concrete. If you have an older tank it may be steel or concrete. Steel tanks tend to rust over time, and concrete tanks tend to deteriorate over time. Some factors that may speed the process include: quality and frequency of maintenance on the septic system, heavy equipment driving over a septic system, and backwash from a water softener system that is not properly monitored and maintained. Other than that normal wear and tear as your tank ages will make it necessary to eventually replace it. Every three years when we pump your septic tank, we will give you an update on the overall condition of your tank and drainage.

Occasionally a sewer line or section of a sewer line may need to be repaired or replaced due to a crack or separation in the line which allows tree roots, dirt and stones to enter in. Once the line has been incapacitated by roots, dirt and stones, it is usually necessary to cut that section of line out and replace it. We will assess the situation with our video camera equipment and replace the damaged line or section of line by the following day. Contact an AALCO – The Drain Doctor Sewer Line Specialist as soon as you suspect you may have a sewer line obstruction.

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Leach Field Repairs

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Leach Fields, Dry Wells and Drainage Systems

Trenches and Footer Drains

If you have ongoing problems with ground and rain water getting into your basement or pooling on your yard you may want to consider the installation of footer drains or trench drains to alleviate the problem. Using commonsense demographics and technological design, we will create a drain system that will route rain, gutter drain water, and ground water away from your home and yard.

We We install entire new drainage systems, and replace, repair, modify and rejuvenate existing leach field and drywell drainage systems. A drainage system that is adequate for the size of the household may overtime need to be replaced, repaired, or flushed out and revitalized, some reasons for this are as follows: The ground and soil may settle or harden overtime. The drainage area may be waterlogged with ground water. The septic tank bacteria may fail allowing sludge to build up and flow out of the tank and into the drainage system. Heavy equipment driving over a drainage system may cause severe damage. If the household size increases additional leach lines may be needed to accommodate the extra water usage. No matter what the cause, we are equipped and experienced to properly assess the situation and correct any septic system problem you may experience. We will get your septic and drainage system working to full capacity.

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