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Do You Really Need to Have Your Septic Tank Pumped?

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Septic Pump Out Reminder Cards
It's Time to Pump Your Septic Tank!

Did you know that if your septic system is functioning properly, it can be years before it fails or backs up? Why then, you might ask, do I need to have it pumped and inspected regularly? short, unless you remove the lid and inspect the contents, you can't see what's happening inside the tank. You won't know until it fails that something is wrong. Typically the tank will contain three layers of matter, sludge, water, and scum, water being the main portion. When household waste is flushed, the solids sink to the bottom and form a layer of sludge beneath the water. The oil and grease rise to the top of the water forming a layer of scum. The water level between will be maintained as the excess seeps out the outlet pipe at the rear of the tank, into the distribution box, then into the leach lines where it slowly seeps down into the ground. If the tank is not maintained and does not have a healthy level of live bacteria constantly eating away at the sludge and scum, the water in the tank will be displaced by sludge and scum, which will eventually fill the tank and ooze out. The outlet pipe, distribution box, and possibly even the leach lines will fill up with the matter, clogging the system. As this happens there will be no place for the water to escape, and no room left in the tank for household waste, which will then begin to backup out the inlet pipe and overflow through the vent onto the yard, or worse yet out of the household drains. This will most likely be your first indication that something was amiss in your septic system. By this time there could be hundreds, even thousands of dollars worth of damage done, not to mention the contamination to your lawn and home. For approximately $400.00 every three to four years to pump and inspect your septic tank, you can avoid this costly oversight.

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